2 Hour Documentary On Making Hedge Funds And Traders

You must have heard and read alot about hedge funds. Hedge funds have been blamed for causing the stock market to crash in 2008. Did you read 6 banks have been fined more than $3 Billion on currency market manipulation? For a few years, hedge funds were in bad light. But once again hedge funds are on the rebound. Hedge funds are an important players in the market. Some hedge funds even have the potential and the capacity to move the market. So you must know how these hedge funds operate. Watch this 2 hour documentary on making a hedge fund and how hedge fund traders trade.

After watching the above video you should have a fair idea on how hedge fund traders are made. Hedge funds are highly competitive places. If you want to join a hedge fund, you should show consistently good performance. Working hours can be long and there can be intense pressure on your to give a good performance which means high returns. This is a recipe for getting nervous. So we would advice it is a much better proposition to become a home based trader. In the beginning, you can trade at the end of the day while having a day job. When you start making consistent profits with enough income to survive without a job, you can start planning on becoming a full time home based trader. Watch this 1 hour video tutorial on a high probability trend pullback breakout approach.

Once you have become a successful home based trader and you have a good track record of making a consistent return every month, you can get invited by a hedge fund for a job interview. Now before you think about going to a hedge fund trader interview, we suggest you take a few courses on quantitative trading. Quantitative trading is on the rise now a days. When you will go for the hedge fund trader job interview, you will definitely get questioned on quantitative trading topics. Did you take a look at our Kalman Filter for Traders course? In this course we teach you in a simple step by step manner how you can easily build a Kalman Filter and use it in your daily trading.  Kalman Filter was initially developed for the Apollo Space Mission to the Moon. It helped in steering the Saturn rocket towards its trajectory. In late 1970s, Kalman Filter got discovered by economics and finance researchers and they started using it. It is a simple linear system that can help in predicting the price based on past observations.