Ascent EA Developed By The Cutting Edge Forex!

Ascent Ea has been developed by the Cutting Edge Forex team. Ascent EA has been programmed to trade only the most powerful breakouts and their continuations in the market. These type of breakouts happen only once or twice in a week, so Ascent EA trades only once or twice in a week. Ascent EA trades with low risk using a protective stop loss. Profit target is dynamically adjusted depending on the market. Below is a screenshot of a live account performance!

Ascent EA

As you can see from the screenshot, the daily return is 1.37% while the drawdown is only 1.05%. Monthly return is 32.11%. You can take a detailed look at this Ascent EA live account performance posted on the third party verified account Here is another screenshot of a second Ascent EA live account performance posted on the third party site

Ascent EA

Ascent EA comes with 60 days of no questions asked money back guarantee. You can test it on the demo account first. Ascent EA is 100% FIFI complaint. It does not hedge or use high leverage. There is no martingale or grid involved in it. Ascent EA performs excellently with a leverage of 50:1. If you get a good performance on the forward test, you can trade live with this robot using 50:1 leverage.