Auto Fibonacci Phenomenon An Automatic Fibonacci Forex Indicator That Makes 200+ Pips On Average Daily!

Auto Fibonacci Phenomenon is a new automatic fibonacci forex indicator developed by Karl Dittmann. Auto Fibonacci Phenomenon Indicator makes on average 200+ pips daily. Fibonacci retracements, projections and extensions are important technical tools in the trading arsenal of any trader. There are many traders who use these fibo levels in their trading daily. These fibo levels are important as using them allows you to predict the future price levels where price action is likely to turn or reverse. Many new traders get confused when drawing these fibo levels correctly.

Using these fibo levels requires a lot of practice and experience. There are many fibonacci indicators in the market that automatically draw these fibo levels. What makes this Auto Fibonacci Phenomenon indicator different from most of these fibonacci indicators is that it is a combination of a number of advanced indicators.  Auto Fibonacci Phenomenon is a combination of multiple advanced indicators that include fibo levels indicators, trend indicator, custom alert indicator, daily high/low and open/close indicator plus it has got a trades commentator.

In essence, this Auto Fibonacci Phenomenon indicator is like a pro trader friend for you who will tell you exactly where the price action will go and when you should buy and when you should sell and where to place the stop loss and take profit. This indicator will make fibonacci trading very easy and simple for you. This is how you are going to use this indicator. Attach the Auto Fibonacci Phenomenon indicator to the currency pair chart that you want to trade. Wait for buy/sell signal that will automatically get printed on the chart with the exact entry price, three take profit targets and a tight stop loss. You will get a popup alert and an email signal alert when there is a buy/sell signal. This auto fibo indicator has got 75% win rate on average.

You don’t need to master fibonacci trading yourself when trading with this indicator. The indicator will automaticaly tell you where to enter and when to exit. An average trade can last from 15-60 minutes and on average you can make 15-150 pips per trade. On average there will be 1-5 signals daily on one currency pair. Karl Dittmann is giving 30 days of no questions asked money back guarantee so that you can try his Auto Fibonacci Phenomenon software. If you get interested, you can try this autofibo indicator on your demo account for one month and see how it works. Make a trading journal and enter each trade that you make with this autofibo indicator. At the end of the month, make a thorough analysis of the performance of Auto Fibonacci Phenomenon indicator and if you don’t like it, simply return Auto Fibonacci Phenomenon software and get a refund.