Behavioral Forex System By Zack Kolundzic For EUR/USD, USD/CHF, EUR/CHF And AUD/USD!

This Behavioral Forex System has been developed by Zack Kolundzic, a professional forex trader. This Behavioral Forex System has been custom developed to trade these four major pairs that are EUR/USD, USD/CHF, EUR/CHF and AUD/USD. You might be wondering how much accurate this system is. Behavioral Forex System has 89.4% win rate. Let’s be clear! No trading system is 100% accurate. Behavioral Forex System will not win 100% of the trades. But if you use it as provided in the instructions, you will find majority of the trades to be winners. And if you are disciplined in using tight risk and money management rules, you will find this Behavioral Forex System to be consistently profitable. Alongwith the Behavioral Forex System, you will also be downloading two other systems developed by Zack Kolundzic. These two systems are:

–>FX Trading Strategy-This is a unique fx strategy that you won’t find anywhere else. It works both for day trading as well as swing trading. For example, using this simple and easy FX Trading Strategy, Zack was able to make 973 pips in a short time trading GBPUSD pair.

–>Street Smart Forex– This is a lethal combination of trading techniques that work both for day trading as well as swing trading like how to use the info from the previous trading day to your advantage or how to use the volatility in making trading decisions plus much more.

What Is This Behavioral Forex System?

You might be wondering what is this system. This system is based on only one factor that is predictable with high level accuracy in the forex market and that is the trader behavior.No one can predict the political events, natural disasters like the earthquake that shook Japan last year or the economic reports. It is difficult to predict the unexpected but trader behavior is something that can be predicted. This system solely focuses on the trader behavior as a group that can be predicted with a high level of accuracy. This system is based on original ground breaking stuff that focuses on what is happening right now as compared to what happened in the past like that we do in technical analysis.

Let’s discuss in more detail what is this forex behavior that tells us a lot about the current price action in the market. Markets are just people buying and selling. Price in the market is formed by the equilibrium between the buyers demand and the sellers supply (the famous supply and demand of the Econ 101). When a single trader places a trade, it makes a small dent in the price depending on whether the trade is bullish or bearish (buy or sell) and depending on the size of the trade.

Now, we can divide forex traders into subgroup depending on what time frame they are trading and depending on the size of their trades. As a scalper or a day trader you might be only interested in the intraday timeframes. But it doesn’t mean that the weekly and the monthly charts are irrelevant. Some large bank may be using the weekly charts to place a take profit or a stop loss order. What this means is that you might be bullish on the 5 minute charts while some else sitting somewhere else might be bearish on the weekly charts.

Keep this fact in front of you that those traders who trade on the weekly and the monthly charts usually have very large trade sizes that can be hundreds or even thousands of lots. These are the bank traders. What this means is that when a bank trader take a bearish position on the weekly and the monthly charts, hundreds and thousands of small time traders who are bullish on the 5 minute and the 15 minute charts get wiped out.

So in essence different market players are monitoring the market on different timeframes independent of one another and all of them are interpreting the market based on their own analysis. However all these individual actions are working in unison as one combination to determine the current market price. Now, this is how this Behavioral Forex System was developed. Zack Kolundzic sent an experimental survey to a few few thousand traders who are subscribed to his FREE Forex Trading Newsletter.

The experimental survey comprised of a few hundred chart patterns in random on different timeframes. The trader was asked to tell whether the next candlestick or the bar will be bullish or bearish based on the chart alone. Of course, people were offered a bribe in the form of a $200 gift if they completed the survey. Based on the results of this experimental survey, the Behavioral Forex System was developed.

The Behavioral Forex System is comprised of three elements. The first is the Behavioral Bias Point Count Indicator. This Behavioral Bias Point Count Indicator identifies with a high level of accuracy the best points to enter the market. In other words, it tells when to enter into a trade. The second element of the Behavioral Forex System is the Anticipated Volatility. This takes into account the current time of the day, makes a few sophisticated calculations and then predicts the volatility over the next few hours. This is a second generation indicator that tells where to place the stop loss and the take profit targets. The third element is the Fundamental Bias. This Fundamental Bias compares the currency pair with a basket of other currency pairs and after doing some real time fundamental analysis tells you whether you should take the trade or not. You can try the Behavioral Forex System RISK FREE for 60 days on your demo account. If you don’t like the results, you can return the Behavioral Forex System and get a refund.

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  • Stu

    April 3, 2012

    Well, I am using this system and the way this guy discribed the system on his web page it was supposed to be the end calling or should i say one step down from the holy grail. Well, I have been using it and find the following with it. Seems that when you finally get the signal which is a plus or minus number of 11 to 17 and a confirmed lights up to take a trade. Well, the problem is by that time on the hour chart about 3 or 4 candles have opened so you open your trade and about 5 or 6 pips later it reverse and ends up stopping you out of the trade. I put a SHI channel on the chart and my suspicions were confirmed. When price usually hits the top of the channel you get a buy signal. No sooner do you enter at the top of the channel does it reverse and head down to the bottom of the channel. Usually you then get stopped out.
    Folks this is just anothe BS system with bells and whistles. STAY AWAY