Chaos Trader Is A Trend Based Manual MT4 Trading System!

Chaos Trader is a simple way to interpret signals from 10 popular technical indicators both for doing chaos trading as well as traditional technical trading. Chaos Trader is a trend trading manual system developed for the MT4 platform by the FX Tools developer. As a trader,  learn to do what the market wants you to do not what you want to do. Chaos Trader will help you avoid speculating on the market direction. It will help you stay in phase with the market by using synchronized indicators on multiple timeframes.

As a trader timing is everything for you. Enter at the right time and exit at the right time, this is what will make you pips. Enter at the wrong time and exit at the right time may save you but if you enter at the wrong time and exit at the wrong time as well, you will get burned by the market. Entering at the right time and exiting at the right time requires a lot of mental discipline plus the knowledge of how the market behaves. Chaos trader can help you understand how the market is behaving by interpreting the signals of 10 popular indicators. These 10 indicators are:

1. Awesome Oscillator
2. Accelerator
3. Fractals
4. Moving Average Convergence/Divergence (MACD)
5. Volatility
6. Volume
7. Moving Average
8. Stochastic
9.  Alligator
10. Parabolic SAR (PSAR)

When you download the Chaos Trader, there is a manual that will show you how to use this indicator. This Chaos Trader indicator can be an ideal tool for scalping as well as swing trading. Chaos trader is going to take the guesswork out of your trading. It will show you in which direction the market is moving and when you should enter the market and when you should exit the market. There is a 60 days of money back guarantee with the Choas Trader. It is always a good idea to test a new indicator or a new software on the demo account first.

Test it on your demo account for one month. Go through the manual and then apply what it tells you on the demo account. At the end of the month check the performance of the Choas Trader on the demo account. If the performance is not good, get a refund. In case, the performance on the demo account is good, you should further test it on the live account. For testing on the live account, make a small deposit of $200 and use the lot size setting of 0.01 Lot. Test for one more month on the live account. If the results of the Chaos Trader on the live account are not good, get a refund.