Forex Action Signals Set And Forget Trading Signals That Make On Average 400 Pips per Month!

Forex Action Signals are once a day set and forget trading signals.  Forex Action Signals are given once a day at the same time. Expect to make on average around 400 pips with Forex Action Signals. With Forex Action Signals, you can make upto 1,200 pips per month but for the last 26 months, the average has been 400 pips per month. Out of these 26 months, only 4 months have been losing months. The best months have been 1,200 pips and 1,000 pips while the average winning month has been 527 pips while the average losing month has been -214 pips. Losing is inevitable in trading. Don’t expect 100% performance from a signals provider.

Now, when you trade with most other signals, there is no fixed time for getting the trading signals. When there is a high probability trade opportunity, a trading signal will be sent. But you never know when that high probability trade opportunity will occur. So you will be getting the signals at random. Random means you can’t predict when you will get the signal. It means you will be missing some of them. Since most of the signals are random, you can’t plan your day around them. But using Forex Action Signals, you will have the confidence that you will get them once a day at a precise time. The Forex Action Signals page is updated between 4:45 PM EST to 5:00 PM EST. So you can plan your day around these signals. Forex Action Signals are set and forget and there will be no annoying updates later in the day asking you to move the stop loss.

Forex Action Signals Are Complete Signals With Entry, Exit And Position Sizing

Most forex signals that you will get will give you the entry price, stop loss and take profit target. Forex Action Signals are complete trading signals.  You are not only going to get the entry rules that tell you where to enter the market and the exit rules that tell you when to exit the market to maximize profits but you will also get the position sizing rules that tell you how many lots you are going to trade in order to minimize the risk and maximize the profit.

Most forex signals only focus on the entry. Entry is important but exit is far more important. You need to have a good exit plan that tells you when to exit the market before the price starts to fall again. But just as entry and exit are important, the most important thing is the right position sizing. If you provide two traders with the same entry and exit signals, one can go broke while the other can make a fortune by just following different position sizing rules. Proper position sizing is very important in order to reduce risk as well as maximize profits.

Testing Forex Action Signals

There is a 60 days of no questions asked money back guarantee. If you get interested, you can first try Forex Action Signals on the demo account for one month. At the end of the month, check what was the performance. If you make more than 400 pips and the drawdown during the month has been less than 8%, you can further test these signals on a live account with a small deposit of $250. Use a lot size setting of 0.01. And in case the performance of Forex Action Signals, get a refund.