Forex AmeroBot By Rita Lasker Made $12,140 In 2 Months Of Live Trading!

Forex AmeroBot is the latest new forex robot developed by the Green Forex Group led by Rita Lasker. Forex AmeroBot made a profit of $12,140 in 2 months of live trading. Forex AmeroBot is not a simple robot. It uses intelligent money management. The Self Improvement Feature in the Forex Amero Bot automatically increases the lot size with the growth of your account equity. On the other hand,  the Self Correction Feature automatically decreases the lot size in case of a loss. However, the trader can disable the Integrated Money Management System and choose a fixed lot size. Infact if your deposit is less than $2,500 than you should disable the Integrated Money Management System and choose a fixed lot size. Once your account balance has grown to the $2.5K level, you can once again enable the Integrated Money Management System that is based on the fixed fractional money management system. You just choose the percentage of your account that you want to risk per trade. The robot will calculate the lot size accordingly. The best risk management settings are 2%.

Forex AmeroBot has been optimized to trade EUR/USD currency pair on the M15 and M30 timeframes. It made 83 pips from just 1 trade. From 21st February to 25th February, it made +525 pips in total. Forex Amero Bot made a total of 1,214 pips in 6 weeks. According to Rita Lasker, Forex AmeroBot can double your account in two months. Rita Lasker and her Green Forex Group has a number of successful forex products to their credit. For example, their Forex Ultra Scalper Software has been developed for manual scalping. It is not a forex robot but a forex scalping signals software. Making 525 pips in 4 days means making $525 if you are trading with a lot size of 0.1 and it can be even $4,725 if you had been trading with one standard lot. The lot size depends on how much risk you are willing to take. It is always a good practice to trade with a 2% risk settings and let the robot choose the lot size automatically in accordance with the risk settings incase your account balance is more than $2.5K.

Forex Amerobot

 Testing Forex AmeroBot

Rita Lasker is giving a money back guarantee of 60 days incase you want to test her forex robot. If you get interested, you can download Forex Amero Bot and test it on your demo account for a period of 1 month. Choose a risk settings of 2% and let it trade on the demo account for one month without interruption. At the end of one month, check the performance of Forex AmeroBot. If the drawdown is more than 8% and the return is less than 20%, you should simply return the robot and get a refund. On the other hand, if the robot made a gain of 20-50% in one month with a drawdown that is not higher than 8%, you can think about trading live with Forex AmeroBot.