Forex Crown Jewel V2 For Trading USD/JPY Pair

Forex Crown Jewel Robot V2 has been optimized to trade the highly volatile USD/JPY pair. USD/JPY is a hyperactive pair that can provide dozens of trading opportunities if tackled properly. Forex Crown Jewel Robot V2 is not a scalper robot. Scalper robots are dangerous. Only one  bad trade can wipe out the gains by making a dozen good trades.

Forex Crown Jewel Robot V2

The developer of this robot says that he was fed up waiting for hours for a signal to appear on the charts trading the slow moving EUR/USD and GBP/USD pairs.  He wanted to make 30-50 trades per week not just 4-5 trades per week. So he focused his attention on the highly volatile pair USD/JPY that scares most forex traders.  He wanted to make 50-100 pips daily with his robot. Below is a screenshot of a backtest of this robot.

Forex Crown Jewel Robot V2

Now the developer of this robot is giving full 60 days of no questions asked money back guarantee so that anyone interested can test drive his robot on the demo account first. This is what you should do. Install it on the demo account and let it trade USD/JPY pair uninterrupted for a full one month. At the end of the month, check the performance. If the performance is not good, simply return the robot and get a refund from the developer. However if this Forex Crown Jewel Robot V2 gives a good performance on the live account, you can think about trading live with it.