Forex Grid Trader EA Making A Gain Of 804.88% In 9 Months Of Live Trading!

The developers of Forex Grid Trader EA have posted the month by month real money live account trading results on the You should take a detailed look at the month by month and trade by trade performance of Forex Grid Trader EA. Live trading was started with a deposit of $25K. Right now the live account statement shows that $63K has been withdrawn and the robot is now trading with an equity of $25.2K. Trading with a large deposit shows the level of confidence that the developers of this robot have on their own programming skills. You will find many developers who are only content to post the demo account results on the third party verified site. But in this case the results that have been posted on the third party site are real money results that show a starting equity of $25K.

Forex Grid Trader EA

As you can see the total gain till now has been 804.88% in 9 months. The month by month gain for 2012 is also worth taking a look at. In Jan 2012, this EA made a gain of 30.02%. The highest return was made in March 2012 when Forex Grid Trader Robot made a gain of 67.49%. The lowest gain made was in June 2012 when it made 12.65%. No month is negative. The lowest gain in nine months was made in November 2011 when it was 4.68%. No negative month is an achievement for the developers of this robot. You should take a detailed look at the real money live account statement posted on the third party verified site

According to the developers, the trading strategy behind the robot is simple. The EA uses a combination of 4 different trading strategies. The focus is to find the correct market direction with the best entry point. The developers are also giving 60 days of no questions asked money back guarantee so that you can test their robot on the demo account. Making a gain of 10-60% per month on autopilot is not a bad idea. However first test this robot thoroughly on the demo account and only trade live if you are able to achieve a gain of more than 10% on the demo account using the risk settings of 1%. If you don’t achieve good results you can go for a refund.

You must keep this fact in mind that the performance of a robot can vary from a broker to a broker. So the choice of the right broker is must if you want to make the EA work. Once you get good results on the demo account, further test this robot on a live account with a deposit of $200. Use the risk settings of 1-2%. Only trade live once you have thoroughly tested the robot. Installing the EA on a VPS is also a good idea.