Forex News Trader Automated System For Trading Forex News!

Forex News Trader robot has been developed to trade the forex news. A number of Forex News Trader backtests with modelling quality of 99% have been posted by the developer. These backtests have been done using Dukascopy tick data that have real time spreads. This helps in get a 99% modelling quality backtests. You can take a detailed look at these Forex News Trader backtest results that have been posted. Tick data is from 2007 onwards and is based on GMT. 2007 was the earliest date that the tick data was available. Backtests have been done across multiple brokers to show that this Forex News Trader EA can work with any broker. In the Instruction Manual, detailed instructions have been provided how to do the backtest with 99% modelling quality. Now these are the features of this Forex News Trader robot:

1. SMA and MACD filters are used to determine the overall trend.

2. There is a filter for maximum spread/slippage.

3. There is an easy to use GMT offset setting.

4. Trailing stop is available with true/false switch.

5. It does not open more than 1 buy or sell order at one time.

6. Risk is adjustable as a %age of equity.

7. No martingale and no hedging. It incorporates a stop loss.

There is a 60 days of no questions asked money back guarantee period. If you get interested, you can test the Forex News Trader robot on your demo account for a period of 2 months. At the end of two months, check the performance. If the performance is not good, simply get a refund. When you visit the Forex News Trader site and try to close it, a dialog box will appear that will request you to click cancel. Click cancel and stay on the page. You will be able to download Forex Geekbot FREE as a gift from the developer of the Forex News Trader robot. Forex Geekbot works best on EURUSD pair. When you download it, you will also get the Forex Geekbot Instruction Manual.