Forex USDealer Robot Made $11,269 In 1 Month!

Forex USDealer Robot is the latest new robot launched by Rita Lasker. Forex USDealer Robot trades the 3 currency pairs USDJPY, USDCHF and USDCAD on the 1 hour timeframe. Forex USDealer Robot was tested by the third party beta testers for one month from December 16th to January 14th. On USDJPY it made 390 pips with 17 trades. Only 1 trade was lost and the winrate was 94%. On USDCHF it made 253 pips. Out of a total of 12 trades, 9 were winners and only 3 trades were lost giving a winrate of 75%. On USDCAD it made 445 pips. Out of a total of 24 trades, 15 trades were winners and 9 were lost giving a winrate of 64%.

Forex USDealer Robot

Take a look at the above screenshot of USDCHF H1 chart. Do you see the Red Channel Level? What is it? Red Channel allows you to set 2 levels above and below which the robot does not open any trade. This Red Channel can be real helpful at the time of a high impact news release. Take a look at a second screenshot of this robot in action.

Forex USDealer Robot

As you can see, the robot is not going to take any orders below the lower Red Channel and any order above the upper Red Channel. So this Red Channel is a safety feature that you can utilize to avoid those times when the market become highly volatile and totally unpredictable. This robot also has an inbuilt smart stop loss trailing function which employs innovative StopLoss Sliding Bar Technology. It also has got a Money Management Auto Lot Size function so you don’t have to worry at all what lot size to set for trading. The robot will does it automatically.