FREE Brick Charts Advanced Plugin By Netpicks!

You can download this Brick Charts Advanced Plugin for MetaTrader 4 FREE. This Brick Charts Advanced Plugin for MT4 has been developed by Netpicks with the help of Russian programming experts. Just install this Brick Charts Advanced Plugin on your MT4 platform FREE. This plugin totally eliminates the choppy markets and makes trading anxiety free. This plugin is based on a brick charting method that has been successfully used by Japanese for centuries just like the candlesticks. Now, Netpicks CEO Mark Soberman was able to crack the code with the help of a few brilliant Russian prgrammers and develop this Brick Charts Advanced Plugin.

Brick Charts Advanced Plugin for MT4

Now this plugin is ideal for news trading. Don’t know how to trade with these two plugins! Watch the video below that explains how this Brick Charts Advanced Plugin will help you make profitable trades.


Now this video was talking about another plugin, the Quantum Leap Intervals Plugin for MetaTrader 4. Don’t worry, download this plugin here. These 2 plugins are part of the Keltner Bells System that has been developed by Netpicks. Always remember first to test any new system on the demo account. Install these 2 plugins on your demo account and test them thoroughly and see how to trade using them. Once you become familiar with how to trade with them, you can use them in live trading.