FX Treasure Hunter System Can Make 50-200 Pips Daily

Forex Treasure Hunter System has been developed by a trader Brian Anderson. Brian Anderson claims that his FX Treasure Hunter System can easily make 50-200 pips daily. FX Treasure Hunter System made 1255 pips in just 3 trades.

FX Treasure Hunter

This is a screenshot of the trade that was made on January 14th. It made +139 pips. This system uses a proprietary FX Treasure Huner Indicator that can predict the market movement with an uncanny accuracy. This indicator analyses the market using a unique method and predicts all the sideways movements and very rarely gives a false signal.  If there is a range or a flat market, it will be indicated by a horizontal line which means stay away from the market. You can trade all the pairs plus commodities with this indicator. Below is another screenshot of this system in action.

FX Treasure Hunter

As you can see from this system made a total of 242 pips from another trade. What you can do is download this system and test it thoroughly on the demo account for a period of 60 days. Just make sure that you do the testing on the demo account and make at least 30-50 trades on the demo account. Only trade live with this system if you get very good performance on the demo account. If the performance of FX Treasure Hunter System is not good on the demo account, simply ask for a refund.