Investors Flocking To Gold Maybe Making A Mistake

Investors are once again flocking to gold. This happens when there is financial uncertainty in the world. Wealthy people start shifting their wealth into gold. Today China and India are the biggest consumers of gold. Chinese and Indians believe in hoarding gold as a store of their wealth. But before they start investing in gold, they should watch this video in which Warren Buffet gives his advice to beginners on investing on gold!

Now gold has been accepted as a store of wealth since the dawn of civilization. Gold has been considered precious from the very beginning of human history. Gold is not going away anytime soon. Did you read this one billionaire’s gold investing strategy? China and India today are the biggest consumers of gold. It is being predicted that gold standard can make a comeback in future. So we cannot write off gold. But you should watch the above video carefully and listen to Warren Buffet and his advice on investing in gold. When we talk about gold, we talk about precious metals that includes gold, silver, platinum and palladium. Now gold has very little industrial application. Silver has a lot of industrial application. Silver price is driven by the market supply/demand. On the other hand, gold prices are driven by our thinking. Yes this is what drives the gold prices. When we think US Dollar is unsafe, we start hoarding our wealth in gold. But how good is investing in gold? Watch this video that explains how gold has been worst investment in history!

Now if you have been a student of history, you must be knowing Spanish conquistadors brought a lot of gold and silver back from the New World. It only increased inflation in Spain. On the other hand, Great Britain focused more on its trade and was the eventual winner. So if you think that by investing in gold you will become rich. You are terribly wrong. Gold will never make you rich. Watch the video below that explains why investing in gold is a bad idea! Gold is not guaranteed store of wealth in times of financial upheavals. Watch the video below that explains what has happened in history during times of political uncertainty. So stop loving gold. If you want to get rich than learn the art of investing. One of the ways to get rick is to trade stocks and currencies. Learn swing trading this will make you rich if you do it right.