Omega Trend EA Extracts 30+ Pips per Trade!

This Omega Trend EA extracts 30+ pips per trade from moves that most traders often ignore. Volatility is what makes pips. This Omega Trend EA combines 3 profits strategies that are trend spotting, strategy diversity and dynamic entries and exits. Omega Trend EA combines these 3 profit strategies into a powerful system for extracting pips out of a volatile market. Below is a screenshot of this Omega Trend EA strategy in action!

Omega Trend EA

Now in the screenshot below you can see how this EA extracts pips from a volatile market.

Omega Trend EA Robot

As you can see this EA made 85 pips from 2 trades and then 160 pips from 4 trades. This Omega Trend EA comes with the powerful Omega Trend Indicator that analyzes the prevailing trend and tells you when to enter and exit the market. This EA trades the two currency pairs EUR/USD and GBP/USD on H1 timeframe. It uses a two signal approach. The first signal is given when there is a volatility breakthrough in the market. This signal is intended to make you ready for the emerging trend. The secondary signal is given when the trend has snapped and a retracement in the price action is detected. This secondary signal is meant to ensure a fail safe low risk entry into the market.

You can take a detailed look at the live trading account posted on the site. Initial deposit of $2,500 was made on 2012.05.30 and the profit on 2012.11.30 was $2,891.89. This Omega Trend EA protects your profits using a proprietary Trend Acceleration Algorithm. You have the option to trade with this EA automatically or using its basic trendlines strategy to trade the account manually.