OndaFX A Massively Profitable EA With A Low Drawdown By Andrea Salvatore!

OndaFX is a new EA that has been developed by the famous programmer Andrea Salvatore. OndaFX core strategy is based purely on Bollinger Bands. Now keep this in mind that using Bollinger Bands (BB) in trading is not that easy. However, Andrea Salvatore has been able to develop a BB strategy that can be automated and has given very good results on EUR/USD pair. The timeframe for this strategy is H1. When a bar closes outside the BB, a trade in the opposite direction is opened with the aim to grab 20-40 pips. Take a look at the following screenshot.OndaFXAs the above screenshot shows, a trade has been opened. When price touches the outer bands, it has a tendency to revert to the mean. Take a look at this second screenshot. OndaFXThis screenshot shows the trade going against you. In this case, you open another short trade when the candle closes below the median line and the distance from the first trade entry is big something like 20-40 pips. When the two trades breakeven, they are closed. OndaFX incorporates other trading rules as well and adopts itself nicely to the volatility. The overarching goal of this strategy programmed into OndaFX is, “Keep it Simple, Stupid (KISS)!”OndaFXUsing this simple BB strategy, during the month of June, OndaFX EA made 408 pips in just 13 trades. 8 of these trades were short and 5 were long. In July, the gain so far is 11.26% with a small drawdown of 4.68%.