Pip Cloner Technology Can Make 50-200 Pips Daily On Autopilot!

Pip Cloner is not a robot. It is also not a signal service. Pip Cloner uses a revolutionary new cloning technology that can make 50-200 pips for you daily on autopilot. Pip Cloner will allow you to clone the actual trades being made by a professional forex trader Steven Roberts. Steven Roberts consistently makes 2% return daily, doubling the account every 56 days. He has got a win rate of 78.1%. Below is the screenshot of the profitable trades that you can clone!

Pip Cloner

This cloning technology is much better than a robot. A robot trades blindly. It never knows what the market is doing. Simply does what it has been programmed to do. Sometimes, it can work. But most of the times, it was devastate your account. But this Pip Cloner is different. Don’t need to do anything.

Just download the Pip Cloner. Install it on your MT4 platform and that’s it. It will automatically clone the actual trades that are being made by Steven Roberts in his master account. No need to monitor the charts. No need to keep track of the breaking news that can devastate your trades.  Steven Roberts is giving 60 days money back guarantee. So you have nothing to lose. Just intall this Pip Cloner on your demo account and test it for 2 months. Just see for yourself how much return you make. Is it 2% daily?  If it works as promised. Just make a small deposit of $500 and start cloning the trades being made by Steven Roberts onto your own account. And in case the Pip Cloner doesn’t work as promised. Simply get a refund.

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  • Linda

    March 13, 2013

    How do I purchase the Pip Cloner Technology?