The Forex Tigress Making $56,232 Net Profit!

Forex Tigress is an automated trading strategy that runs on the NinjaTrader Platform. Forex Tigress Strategy made a net profit of $56,232. Forex Tigress Strategy made an average profit of $927 per trade and the max drawdown was 3.78%. A drawdown that is less than 8% is always considered to be good. The problem with the Forex Tigress Automated Trade Strategy is that it has been developed specifically for the Ninja Trader Platform. So if you are trading on the MT4 platform this strategy may not work.

Forex Tigress Strategies are designed to trade only trades one currency pair. Each strategy is broken down into finest details like what are the most profitable days to trade with this strategy and what is the best time to trade with that particular strategy. As said above, Forex Tigress Automated Strategies can only run on the Ninja Trader Platform. So if you are trading on the Ninja Trader and want to try these strategy, you can do so RISK FREE for 60 days as Forex Tigress comes with full 8 weeks of no questions asked money back guarantee.

Ninja Trader Platform can trade forex, stocks and futures. It has got many features like advanced charting, strategy analyzer, market analyzer, advanced trade management etc. You can also use to develop automated trading strategies, analyze them and then execute them. If you are into futures trading like trading commodity futures, you might be familiar with the NinjaTrader or the TradeStation platform. However, for most forex traders the platform of choice is the Meta Trader 4 also known as MT4 platform. So if you are not using Ninja Trader, you can skip this strategy.

However, if you are using NinjaTrader platform for your trading, you might want to check these Forex Tigress Strategies. There is 60 days of money back guarantee as said above. What this means is that you can test these Forex Tigress Strategies for two month and see how good these automated trading strategies are. If you don’t like Forex Tigress, you should simply go for a refund.