The Inside Bar Forex Breakout Trading Strategy Videos

Inside Bar is an important candlestick pattern that we love to trade. In this post we are going to delve into the details of how to trade with these inside bar patterns. Inside bar pattern forms when the candlestick formed is totally inside the previous candle. When a inside bar forms it means price action is about to reverse itself. Inside bar formed on H1, H4 and D1 timeframes are reliable. Now you need to keep this in mind there is no full proof 100% reliable pattern in trading. What we can talk is probabilities. This pattern has a high probability of success. But you will need to master it before you can make use of it in your trading. Watch this video below which explains what is an inside bar pattern!

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You can also read the posts below that explain how to trade these inside bar patterns. Just keep this in mind that this pattern does not work always. You have to look at the overall situation, do a multiple timeframe analysis and then decide whether this pattern is valid or not. First look at the daily chart, then drill down to the H4 chart and then to the H1 chart. You need to also look at other confluence factors that are supporting the pattern before you enter into a trade. You need to keep this fact in mind as well that market fundamentals change frequently now a days. The recent example is that of the Chinese stock market crash that forced all other stock markets to follow suit. So you need to look at the overall situation in the global financial markets also to decipher that is happening at the moment.

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