Forex Trend Wave System A Visual Color Coded Trend Trading System!

Forex Trend Wave System is based on the current market price unlike other trend trading systems that are based on some far off trend analysis. Forex Trend Wave System is a visual user friendly color coded hands on forex system. Trading trends is what makes money for pro traders. Jess Palmer the developer of this system is making $1K daily with his system. Learn how to trade the near term trend from the get go from Jess Palmer. Learn how to scalp the currency market for a profit of 10-25 pips as well as learn how to go for 80-100 pips with ease. Watch this video that shows how easy it is to profit live with the Forex Trend Wave System:

You have a chance of winning a FREE copy of this system in the next few days. But even if you don’t win a FREE copy, you can try this system RISK FREE for 60 days as it has got 60 days of no questions asked money back guarantee. This is what is included when you download this system:

1. Forex Trend Wave Manual
2. Forex Trend Wave Time To Trade Indicator
3. Forex Trend Wave Main Indicator
4. Forex Trend Wave Template

The manual is going to explain step by step how you are going to trade with this system. Once you have read the manual and understood how to trade with this system, this is what you should do. First test it on the demo account for a period of at least 30 days. It is always a good practice to first test a new system on the demo account. This helps in becoming more familiar with the system and you can make a judgement whether the system is worth trading live or not. As a rule of thumb make at least 50 trades with the new system on the demo account. Enter each trade in a trading journal and at the end of the month, calculate the win rate, average size of the win and the average size of the loss.

If the system did not perform well on the demo account, it means it will never work on the live account. So simply get a refund. However, if the system performs very well on the demo account. Open a live account with a small deposit of $300 and trade live with that system for one more month. If something works on the demo account, it does not guarantee that it will work on the live account. A good performance on the demo account is no guarantee that it will be replicated on the live account. You have to check that on the live account to see what will be the performance of this system on the live account. If the performance on the live account is not good, again go for a refund.