Highly Profitable Candlestick Breakout Patterns Webinar Recording

Candlestick patterns are very important when it comes to swing trading. If you are a swing trading and you are not mastering candlestick breakout patterns, you are missing a lot in your trading. Candlestick patterns tell you when the reversal is going to happen and when the trend is going to resume. Moving averages are just not going to work in swing trading. Moving averages lag behind the price and give a signal when the move is almost half over. Trading solely on the basis of price action is known as naked trading. There is no better method to trade naked than to master these highly profitable candlestick breakout patterns.

Doji is a very important candlestick pattern. Doji is formed when the open and close is the same. This is a signal for indecision in the market as the bulls and bears could beat each other. There are a number of Doji patterns.  A candlestick signal just after a gap is a very powerful signal. You should watch this 1 hour 23 minute webinar in which Stephen Bigalow explains how you are going to trade with candlestick patterns. There are only 12 patterns that you should master. Stephen Bigalow explains the 12 highly profitable candlestick breakout patterns that you should master.