One Billionaire’s Gold Strategy, Gold Price Can Fall To $800/Oz And 3 Drivers For The Gold Price

This is a real gold strategy that has been revealed by a real billionaire. Cody Willard in a recent article published on MarketWatch reveals this One Billionaire’s Gold Strategy. This is what Cody Willard says: “The writer is an old friend of mine whose net worth, after having taken two multi-billion dollar tech companies public in his lifetime, runs over a billion dollars. He talks about his own strategies with physical gold, offshore accounts in Switzerland, and what he would do if the entire communication and financial and political systems of today were to stop working. The whole of it is is very important and insightful.”

Now read this seekingalpha article in which a contributor who is a hedge fund analyst claims that gold sell off can go as far as $800/oz. Right now the gold price is $1,290. Now if this prediction is true it means gold price can fall by $500. Start thinking about going short on gold and cashing in on this downtrend.

Now I am not a gold bug. I only day trade XAU/USD. For me gold is just like anyother commodity. It’s the volatility in the yellow metal that makes me the pips. When the market starts to trend I love to trade the trade this makes me huge pips. If you are interested you can try Traders Elite Signals that has an average winrate of 86.4%. I used these signals and made 2,288 Pips by shorting XAU/USD (profited by going short when the gold price fell from $1,608 to $1,582). You get Traders Elite Signals FREE for 12 months if you subscribe for 12 months.

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And don’t forget binary options. This is something new. There are many traders who have become millionaires trading binary options. Read this article where I explain a simple binary options strategy that makes 100% ROI per month.

Also don’t forget to read this seekingalpha article that explains the 3 fundamental forces that are driving the gold prices in 2014.