Options Chaos Software Developed By Tom Harris!

Options Chaos Software has been developed by Tom Harris. Do you know the Chaos Theory? Well, this Options Chaos Software uses the Chaos Algorithm based on this theory. Now Tom Harris is not selling his Options Chaos Algo. This software runs on his servers. When it detects the big banks making a move, it makes a trade on Tom Harris system and pings your PC as well so that you can also make a trade at the same time. Tom Harris claims that he made a whopping $2,136,447 with this software. Take a look at the following screenshot where Tom claims that he made $5,476 in one afternoon using this software.

Options Chaos

Tom Harris is giving 60 days of no questions asked money back guarantee so that you can test drive his Options Chaos Software. Just test the signals on a demo account and incase the broker doesn’t provide you with a demo account, paper trade and see what is the winning rate of these signals. Below is another screenshot of this software making winning trades.

Options Chaos Software

Now Tom Harris makes a lot of claims on his website. You can read them by visiting his website. Test of a pudding lies in eating it. So first test this software on your demo account thoroughly. Only trade live with it if you find the winrate of the signals generated by this Options Chaos Software to be very high.

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  • J

    August 2, 2013

    fucking scam!!!!!