Pip Trader PRO David Hassocks Gives Away His Private Forex System FREE!

You must watch this Pip Trader PRO video made by David Hassocks. David Hassocks the Pip Trader PRO has released a new method of automated trading that does not involve an EA. Just copy his live trades using a trade copier and make 100s of pips daily automatically. Forget about EAs. They don’t work. Just copy the trades made by a pro trader. David Hassocks used to work for a large broker company.

Then he quit to start trading forex full time from home. You can watch the Pip Trader PRO video and make your mind. In the video David shows the MT4i Live account statement of his account. The monthly return is +10.5%. Average trade length is 2.8. Average trade per day is 0.3. Risk/Reward Ratio for a trade on average is +1.43. The worst week was when David was down 2.3%.

0.3 trades daily means expect something like 1 trade in 3 days. What this means is that David is not making a trade every day. He is only trading when he has a high probability trade setup. David Hassocks is calling himself a 12 year forex trading veteran. He says he will be making a trades and you will be automatically copying his trading signals. There is zero guessing on your part. Everything is done by David for you.

There is 60 days of no questions asked money back guarantee being made by David Hassocks so that you can try his system. If you get interested, you can try Pip Trader PRO on your demo account first for two months. This is the only way to discover whether his system works or not. Just install his Pip Trader PRO trade copier software on your demo account and let it run for at least one month. At the end of the month, check how good was the performance. If the performance of Pip Trader PRO signals service is not good on the demo account, it means you should not trade live with his system.