PnF Master Course-Using Point And Figure Charts In Forex Trading!

PnF Master is a course that shows how to effectively use Point and Figure Charts in your forex trading. Point and Figure Charts have the uncanny potential to help understand what the price action is saying. This PnF Master Course has been developed by Richard Z. He. If you are not familiar with Point and Figure Charts, you should watch this video!

Point and Figure Charting had it’s origins in the stock market some 100 years back. Over the years, this charting method lost some of its popularity. However, there are many pro traders who still rely on these charts when doing technical analysis.

Advantages of Point and Figure Charts

The main advantage of PnF Charts is that you can focus solely on price action by reducing the noise that is often present in the bar charts as well as the candlestick charts. This is done be discarding the time, volume and small price movements when constructing PnF Charts. Identifying the trend and the momentum on a Point & Figure Chart is much easier. Support and Resistance is also much easier to identify on these charts. There are also less false breakout signals on a point and figure chart. Point and Figure Charts are constructed with Xs and Os. Small price movements are ignored by defining the Box Size. If the price movement is smaller than the Box Size, it is not shown on the chart. An X is shown on the chart when the price moves by the Box Size in the up direction and an O is shown on the chart it it moves down by the amount greater than the Box Size in the down direction.

PnF Master Course by Richard Z. He

Even if you are an experienced trader, you should keep PnF Charting in your arsenal of technical analysis tools. The good thing about these charts is that you can update them in real time. Developing this practice of updating your charts in real time will help you understand what the price action is doing and give you a much clearer picture of what the market is trying to do. Great traders like Jesse Livermore and Marty Schwartz used to follow the market in real time and now you too can learn how to do it with this PnF Master Course.

If you are interested in mastering how to trade with PnF Charts, then this PnF Master Course might be of some help to you. In this PnF Master Course, you will get a step by step guide on how to construct PnF Charts by hand. Now there is no hype about learning PnF Charting. If after going through this PnF Course, you think you didn’t learn much or it won’t improve your trading results, you can always ask for a refund within 60 days. In this PnF Master Course, you will discover 18 proven and effective Point and Figure Chart Patterns that will help you make correct trading decisions. You will also learn a simple tactic that will boost your profits. This simple technique is often used by pro traders but mostly ignored by 99% of the other traders. You will also download a template that will help you make your daily battle plan for attacking the forex market.


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