Sequel Trader New Version 2.0 HFT Software Produces $14.17K in 48 Hours!

Sequel Trader is a high frequency trading software that capitalizes on the tiny price movements in the market. High Frequency Trading was previously the domain of hedge funds and big institutional investors. Not any more. Now you too can become a high frequency trader using this Sequel Trader Software. However, you should keep this fact in mind that there are many brokers who frown upon high frequency trading especially if it is done by a retail trader. Most brokers prefer the trade to be open for at least a few minutes. If a trade lasts for less than a minute lasting just for 15-30 seconds, the broker might not like it. Whatever, take a look at this screenshot that has been posted by the developer of this Sequel Trader Software in which he is claiming that he made $21K in just one day.

Sequel Trader Software

The test of the pudding lies in eating it. If you interested, you can test drive Sequel Trader Software on the demo account RISK FREE for 60 days as it comes with 60 days of no questions asked money back guarantee. Just make sure that you first check with your broker that he is happy with high frequency trading and is not going to ban your account later on. Once you have checked with your broker, you can then safely install this Sequel Trader on the demo account and let it run for at least on month.

Check that you have installed it properly. After one month, check what was the performance. If the performance is poor, you can simply ask for a refund. Now suppose the performance was good. You still have to see whether it is going to give the same performance on a live account or not. A good performance on the demo account may or may not get replicated on the live account.

The reason is simple. A live account works in a different manner as compared to a demo account. On a demo account trades get executed perfectly making you happy. But when you switch to a live account, you will get re-quotes. Your orders will be executed with slippage and there will be issues of latency. So the only way to know whether this software is going to work on the live account is to test it with a small deposit of $300. But before you do that check the software thoroughly on the demo account. Only trade live with this deposit of $300 if the performance on the demo account was very good. Choose the lowest risk settings and let the software run. After 2-3 weeks check what was the performance.