Verified FX Signals By James Stapleton Made 368.1% Profit in 7 Months!

Verified FX Managed Trading Signals by James Stapleton made a profit of +368.1% in 211 days (7 months) on a real money live trading account. This comes out to be a monthly return of 52.58% on average. Verified FX is a new expert controlled automated forex signals service for serious traders who want to make consistent profits from the currency market. James Stapleton is the head trader of the Verified FX team. James Stapleton is presently working for the Verified FX Investment Group. He has the experience of working for the past 15 years managing big money hedge funds. Verified FX team comprises of real traders trading real money trading accounts of over $25K. You can take a detailed look at the VerifiedFX account statement posted on MT4i and the MyFXBook as well as the Verified FX Expert Advisor Test by Forex Peace Army.

Verified FX

The trading system used by the VerifiedFX team has got 5 years of research and development backing it. This trading system comprises of two unique indicators. These two indicators are used to estimate the strength of the trend and then predict trend reversals with over 98% accuracy. In addition to these two unique indicators, 3 standard indicators are used as filters. The rest of the information is proprietary. However, you can copy the trades being made by this team of experts using a high quality trade duplication software.

VFX Trade Copier Software

This zero latency VFX Trade Copier Software guarantees that the exact same trades that are being made by the Verified FX Investment Group team on their real money live accounts get copied onto your trading account without any latency. You can use your own risk settings on this software. You will get a detailed Installation Guide plus a complete User Manual that will help you install this software on your account.

There is 60 days of no questions asked money back guarantee. So if you get interested, you can download this VFX Trade Copier Software, choose a risk setting of your choice and then let it run on the demo account for a period of one month. Just make sure that the VFX Trade Copier Software is installed correctly on your account. You can take help from the detailed Installation Guide and the User Manual. At the end of the month, check what was the performance of VerifiedFX Signals. If the performance was not good, simply get a refund. However, if the performance of Verified FX Signals was good, you can think about trading live with them. In the beginning start with a low deposit of something like $250-$300 and test it further for one month on a live account before you increase the deposit.