60 Second Trader-How To Make 75% Return With 60 Second Trades?

60 Second TradesLearn 60 Second Trades. Do you want to become a 60 Second Trader? John Campbell has come up with a brand new 60 Second Trades Strategy. First let me introduce you to John Campbell. John Campbell is a full time trader. He used to run a small IT firm in UK many years back when he discovered that trading gold and forex can be a far more lucrative proposition. He retired to Malta and started making living as a trader. Now he lives in the Canary Island and makes a full time income as a trader. On and off he keeps on releasing his trading systems. According to John, he has been trading for 30 years now and for the last 10 years he has also been marketing his systems to many clients spread all over the world.

This time he has come up with a binary options system that exploits the latest broker platforms that let you make 60 second trades. Is it possible to make 60 second trades? I mean you will have to be pretty fast when making these trades. However, if you don’t know what you are doing you will lose almost 95% of the time. This is how these 60 second binary options brokers make money. They don’t have spreads. They just know 95% of the traders are going to lose and this is going to make them money.

Now, imagine if you have a system that could make you 75% return in a matter of 60 second. Wouldn’t you love it? Of course you would. John Campbell has tested his 60 Second Trades System and he is willing to let you test it for the next 60 days RISK FREE. This is a screenshot of the signals generated by this 60 second trader system.

60 Second Trades

With this system, you will be using the 1 minute chart for generating the signals. You just need to be 0.1 pip above or below the strike price in order to win and get a payoff of 75%. Let’s take an example to make it more clear. Suppose you think that in the next 60 seconds EUR/USD rate will go above 1.23602. You will buy a call. You just need to be above this rate with 0.1 pips meaning if the rate ends up 1.23603 pips, you win even then. So even if the rate ends up only 0.1 pip above the strike rate you make 75% which should be a dream come true for you if you have a system that generates signals with a high win rate.

Trading on the 1 minute chart will generate on average 4 signals in an hour. As said above you just need a small movement of 1-2 pips in order to make a 75% return. There are 24 hours in a day. So you will get many trading opportunities in a day. There are brokers who allow you to start with a small deposit of $200. You can trade with $5 put or call per trade meaning your maximum loss will be $5. If you trade with $5 put or call, you will make $8.75 in case you win. This is not much but you should start with this trade size. Get familiar with the 60 Second Trade System and slowly and gradually increase your trading account. Good Luck!!

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  • NHan

    August 19, 2012

    Please give me the link to open an account with amount 200$